Bake Sale


The Bake Sale is a beloved tradition at MBA that has returned this year!  This event will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 29-30 from 9 am-4 pm in The Burk Field House. 

Boys and faculty make their way to the Bake Sale to purchase cookies, brownies, cakes, pies and other special treats.  A favorite among the boys is Puppy Chow!  Everyone is invited to visit and buy from a various selection of goodies. 

Please help in at least one of the following ways:

  • Bake - Drop off your homemade goodies. Items needed are cookies, brownies, cakes, pound cakes, pies, puppy chow, bars, breakfast breads, coffee cakes, rolls, and more. Please remember to label all items.  We also want items that are nut-free and gluten-free so please label accordingly. 
  • Donate purchased goods - Bakery goods, snacks, donuts, or candy. Items packaged in clear cellophane or plastic wrap for easy viewing.  
  • Donate money - Contribute to the Bake Sale funds by donating online. This allows to get Chick-fil-a biscuits. A crowd favorite! Click here to make a bake sale donation. 

Drop Off Your Goodies: 

  • Tuesday, Sept. 28th: 3-5pm at the Drop-Off Circle steps (old gym steps)
  • Wednesday, Sept. 29th: 7-9am at the Drop-Off Circle steps (old gym steps)
  • Thursday, Sept. 30th: 7-9am at the Drop-Off Circle steps (old gym steps)

Purchase a Punch Card 

Items can be purchased by cash and punch card only.  Punch cards are sold online for $10 and provide a convenient way for boys to purchase items.  Order ahead and they can be picked up on Sept. 27 or 28 during lunch in the Dining Hall or on Sept. 29 during the Bake Sale in The Burk Field House. 

Pack Your Own Boxes

Send a box to your college student, family and friends outside of town.  Select various home-baked items plus choose from a table of non-perishable and Nashville-made treats.  You pack and pay for the box, and we will drop off for shipping!  Always fun to send a favorite MBA memory to college age children with a nod to their MBA Spaghetti Supper Bake Sale days.