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Copy of Spaghetti Supper 101

Ticket Sales:

Students are required to purchase 10 tickets for the Spaghetti Supper event. 

Buy Spaghetti Supper Tickets

All prizes and incentives will be awarded on total dollar amount of all your sales, which includes required tickets, additional tickets, t-shirts, mums and dessert design boxes.

To help students with sales, we have included a link to download a Sales Flyer.  This lists all items available to purchase for the Spaghetti Supper that counts towards prizes. Use this tool to print and pass out to neighbors and email to family and friends.

Please click the link for the Sales Flyer: (insert link here)


Options for Dinner:

Meal includes: Spaghetti, Salad, Bread and Cookie

Single Meals - (insert link for singles here)

Family Style Meals for Five - (insert link for bulk five here)

Carryout OR Dine-In Dinner

Choose the “Carryout” option if you’d like to pick up your Single or Family Style Meals for Five in the MBA Wilson Garage on Friday, October 21st from 3:00-5:00pm

Choose the “Dine-In” option if you’d like to join the MBA community in the Burkholder Field House for a sit down Spaghetti Supper from 5-6:30pm

*please keep in mind that these options are not interchangeable on the day of the event

Donate Option - In lieu of a meal, you can choose to donate to the MBA Mothers Club. Learn more about how your donations create unique opportunities for MBA students and teachers in the classroom and beyond.

All Spaghetti Supper meal orders must be placed by Tuesday, October 18th at Noon.