Poinsettia & Amaryllis Sale


The holidays are just around the corner! 

The Junior Class is holding its Annual Poinsettia and Amaryllis Sale to raise money for prom. 

These plants make beautiful decorations and gifts for family, friends and businesses.    

The flowers can be ordered online beginning Monday, October 25th, 2021 with final orders due Monday, November 22nd, before Thanksgiving.

Drive-thru pickup for flowers will be just after Thanksgiving break on Tuesday, November 30th in the parking garage from 7:30am-5:30pm.  

The Poinsettias are available in two different colors (red and white) and three different sizes.  We also have a limited number of red Amaryllis plants which are very popular, so be sure to place your order soon!!!


Small: 4” pot.    2-4 blooms.    Red only: $6

Medium: 6.5” pot.   5-8 blooms.  Red or white: $12

Large:   8” pot. 15+ blooms  red or white: $20

Amaryllis: red only: $25 limited quantity 


Two ways to order:  



Order by Mail by downloading, printing, and mailing the Order Form below:

PRINT Poinsettia Sale Order Form


Sale ends NOVEMBER 22nd so ORDER NOW!!!  

Please consider supporting the Class of 2023 and prom when buying your holiday decorations and gifts! 

 Questions? Please contact any of the chairs

Sarah Barnard- volunteer coordinator:   sarah@barnard.io

Lolly Brown- communication with MBA:    lollyhart@yahoo.com

Laura Dovan- advertising:  laura_dovan@yahoo.com

Elizabeth Hancock- orders:  echancock3@gmail.com