Welcome Back!

Spaghetti Supper 101

Parents, as we have been reminding the boys at assembly all students must sell a minimum of ten tickets.  Last week their advisors shared the following tips with them which we hope might be helpful for you as well.  Please take the time to explore our website as you will find all Spaghetti Supper items for sale and lots of helpful information here:  Spaghetti Supper Online Link

Here are some tips:

  1. If the 10 tickets are purchased online there are three options:  carryout, dine-in or donate the ticket value to Mothers Club.  If you want to give your paid tickets to someone outside your immediate family, please share the number of tickets they have under your online ticket order and they will check in using your last name.
  2. If you are working to sell your tickets use the Sales Flyer . Using this tool will allow your contacts to make purchases and at checkout to scroll down to include your name to receive credit.  If your neighbors, family and friends are not in town or do not want to the spaghetti meal they can still purchase tickets and donate the ticket value back to the Mothers Club and you will still receive credit for the sale.
  3. If you have additional questions or need help, please ask your son to come to the Dining Hall lobby on Tuesday September 21st and Thursday, September 23rd.
  4. If your son has questions about how many tickets they have sold, please direct them to their advisor.  All advisors will receive an updated list by Wednesday, September 22 or the boys are welcome to stop at the Spaghetti Supper Help Desk in the Dining Hall lobby Tuesday and Thursday this week.
  5. If you have questions, please email us at spaghetti@montgomerybell.edu.
  6. Click here to see FAQ.  



HOCO Shirts                            Until sold out

Dessert Designs Boxes            Monday, September 27th at 10:00 pm

Bake Sale Punch Card             Until last day of Bake Sale, Thursday, September 30th

HOCO FAVOR                          Until sold out

Posters & Stickers                   Until sold out


Deadline to calculate student prizes and incentives (based on sales volume) is Wednesday, September 29th 11:59 pm. 

To see a complete list of prizes and incentives click here:  Spaghetti Supper Prizes




Second Harvest kicks off this week!

Donate food items on campus starting Tuesday through Friday.

Donate online for maximum impact here:   Second Harvest Donation Link




Bake Sale starts next week!  We need your help with donations!

For more information on how to help visit Bake Sale Information.




We need volunteers to help with the last two weeks of this fundraiser!

Serving spaghetti, decorating mums, collecting food donations for Second Harvest, working carryout – it is all fun!  Please click here:  Spaghetti Supper Volunteers