Welcome Back!

Thank You Spaghetti Supper Committee

Special Thanks to our committees, volunteers, and the MBA faculty and staff. 

Heartfelt thanks to these women who volunteered to celebrate MBA’s 78th Annual Spaghetti Supper! We truly appreciate your time and hard work to make this event such a success.


78th Annual Spaghetti Supper Committees


Alyce Ory

Amy Richards

Anjali Lewis

Anne Trainer

Ashley Henry

Beth Kost

Blair Blair

Blair McEvoy

Brooke Keane

Carole Parker

Caroline Armstrong

Caroline Nail

Carrington Fox

Catherine Plato

Cathy Grier

Cathy Lucas

Christine Weller

Clark Harwell

Cynthia Recchia

Debra Bibb

Elisabeth Hasselback

Elizabeth Hancock

Elizabeth Wade

Emily Cox

Emily Floyd

Jean Ellen Spengler

Jeanie Dayani

Jen Riven

Jenny Frank

Jessica Buenahora

Jessica Deerkoski

Jill Stroud

Jill Tidwell

Julie Brown

Julie Schneider

Karly Hart

Kate Cornelius

Kelli Myers

Kelly Shirley

Kelsey Jackson

Kim Drake

Kisha Campbell

Krisit Skeeters

Kristin Beach

Lara Green

Laura Dovan

Laura Perkins

Laurie Harris

Leanne Bottorff

Leigh Montgomery

Lina Rowland

Liz Vaughan

Madie Smith

Marnee Tyrrell

Mari Kate Hopper Miller

Natalie Carr

Nina Lindley

Paige Menge

Paige Roddey

Patricia Hall

Peggy Atwood

Priya Purohit

Rachel Chamblin

Rachel Robinson

Shae Uden

Shannon McGuffin

Sri Chandra

Stacie Hardy

Stephanie Pease

Susan Dean

Tonya Stevens

Tracy Crawford

Tricia Hastings

Wendy Bowling