23'-24' Blazers & More Sales

What is Blazers and More?

Blazers and More is MBA’s Consignment Sale - a boys clothing sale open to current and graduated MBA families and their friends and families.  Eligible items include: navy blazers, khaki shorts and pants, collared shirts, MBA logo clothing, belts and ties.

2023-2024 Sales are in the Burk on:
December 2, 2023 (coincides with Holiday Market)
April 10, 2024

Consignors receive 50% of the items sold; remaining proceeds benefit the MBA Mothers Club.

Pricing Guidelines

Polos - $25 - $10
Khakis - $25 - $10
Button Downs $25 - $10
Blazers $50 - $25
MBA Athletic sweatshirts $25 - $10
MBA Athletic shorts $10 - $5
Belts, Ties - $20 - $5

Please don't be afraid to go higher, if you have a high quality item and/or a very populate brand. As you add inventory you’ll be asked if you would like to donate and if you will allow discounting. That will enable the committee to lower the price if your item does not sell as originally marked in a subsequent sale.

Interested In Consigning?

The consignment sale platform, MySaleManager, is open for our December 2nd sale. Existing consignors, you have been pre-registered for the sale in case you want to add more inventory.

If you have not already registered with MySaleManager, sign up through this page to create a login ID - a 4 digit number that will be used going forward instead of your son’s student id.  This will register you to consign for as many MBA sales as you like.

Next, use the consignor number to log on to the Consignor Login page and proceed to add inventory print tags for the upcoming sale.   


Confirm you are registered for the current sale, then proceed to the My Homepage link.


From the Consignor Home Page use the Menu to navigate to the Work With Inventory menu.  You can also get to the Inventory Menu directly by logging in through this page.

Add Items for any new inventory you will be dropping off.

Print and safety pin the tags to the front right of the clothing, hang up all donations except khaki's and shorts (we have special hangers to use for the khakis).  As you hang, please use wire hangers for shirts.

Please hang items with hangers facing left and the printed tag pinned on the right of the garment when you are looking at it. This makes for easier browsing as all tags are in the same place toward the outside of the racks.


Sign up for a drop off time the day before the sale - for our upcoming sale, this drop off date is Dec 1, 2023 in the Lobby of the Burk.  The Blazers and More committee members will be ready to receive and arrange your clothing, preparing for the sale the next day.